Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Early Birds and Worms

I'm on my way to work this rainy day. Weather has cooled again so back to the sweaters.

I added my latest puzzle photo. It is coming along. I will have to do another "dark" one so you can see how the glow is progressing. Mike saw it last night and said, "You ought to frame that one, Mom. It's going to be cool."

I may do that. It is cool.

I had a very bad night and have had very little sleep but there is a move briefing today so must go to work. I don't believe I'll be going to the cemetery very often for a while. It is not good for me. I had to call Mike to come over about 10:00 and stay with me a while.

I'm cleaning out contacts again. I do this periodically. I get rid of blank or MIA's. Those who with empty blogs or who've been gone for a year or who're now posting things I don't find interesting. In previous purges, those purged never noticed! I've never heard a word from them and they still don't post. Half a dozen no longer have a blog, I've checked! So, spring cleaning begins.

Don't worry, those of you who've been here a while know who you are and that you're safe! LOL! .

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