Saturday, March 21, 2009

Late Night Struggles

I've been off the meds for days now and I understand the addiction potential of Xanax. It has been very difficult, evenings especially. I miss Jerry coming home and chatting a bit before bed.

I took flowers to the cemetery today and found that his stone had arrived and was set. It was so hard. Somehow that stone made it final. His name carved there meant he isn't coming back.

This can't be happening. Every night I struggle with going to bed. I lay there in the dark and cry until I am worn out and wonder how long this will last. How long do I keep feeling like my chest will explode? How long do I stop feeling as if I too am dying? As if I've lost half myself?

I dusted the study and ran the vacuum today. And I walked around and realized that this house is too big for one person. It's empty of warmth and light. I don't know what the future holds for me but I don't know if I will stay here or not. I have a lot of repairs to do and once they are done, I could leave if I wanted to. I'll have a small income that would help me relocate if need be.

But Jerry is here, three blocks away, but here. He is here in the house, around every corner, in photos, in his favorite shirt in the closet. In my head and heart and the breath I breathe. I don't know how to go beyond this point and it hurts.

I am finding that I don't want to talk to people or go anywhere. My aunt calls several times a day and I know she worries. My brother calls and he is learning to use his computer on the road.I've been helping him set up his messenger and learn to use it. He's never done that before. So I talk but when I'm done, I just feel so isolated and hollow. I realize that I am feeling something I have never in my life remembered feeling for any length of time. Abject loneliness. Soul engulfing aloneness. I've never before experienced such absence of presence.

I can't get to sleep and then I don't sleep well. I'm beginning to feel that lack. Tonight, I'm very tired. I'm going to bed and try to get up for church tomorrow.

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