Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Chugging Along

I've added more puzzle photos. As you will see, my little train is chugging along in the valley. You can now see the river that runs along the bottom of the photo. It's black there in the darkness where the snow ends and ice begins. And the tops of the mountains are beginning to take shape.

Look at the glowing photos. This is going to be an awesome picture when finished. I am really excited about it. I can only sit for about an hour before my neck gets the better of me. Not sure this table is any better than the low one I was using. I think it is but I still get a sore neck,.

I'm off for the bathroom, then a simple sandwich for supper and bed. I took my
Doxepin again when I got home and already am feeling sleepy. My lack of sleep last night will probably factor into this. I also took the muscle relaxant so between them, I should rest tonight.

Toodles everyone!

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