Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday School

I'm up and dressed and waiting for Mike to get here. I called to see if Sarah was going to go with me this morning but once again, she is not up.

I've very disappointed in this. Jerry and I were faithful to see that our sons were in church, even if one was sick the other took the children. Our sons were faithful until they met women who were not as faithful. One girl was a preacher's daughter but looked for every reason not to go to church. Thankfully, she and Mike had no children before she decided to divorce him. He has never been the same, but he does try. I thought David's wife was different in that respect but it is becoming more and more apparent that it isn't going to happen.

I love my daughter-in-law, truly. But she makes excuses. She doesn't work and is home all week but she had to stay up Friday and Saturday night so she and her mom could clean the two bedroom apartment. ????? So, what is going on all week? Well, Sarah has been sick some but five days and no cleaning? And there is a pattern here. This is the norm after she attends any church for a period. Excuses. Why don't people just stand up and say, "I don't believe. I don't love God. I don't want to go to church. I don't like church." Excuses are just lies. I can't stand that.

Mother's are the first example their children see. What you do is what they will do. What you think will be mirrored in their attitudes and thoughts. How you behave will be how they behave. If you are faithless, so too will they be. Children of smokers often smoke. Children of alcoholics often become alocholics. Children of abusers often become abusers. Children of faithless parents are usually faithless. This is borne out in the Bible. Like the children of Israel who married the pagan conquered peoples around them, my sons married uncommitted women and have become lax and faithless.

Admittedly they had a problems before they married but had they married committed women, the chances are they would have become more committed. The Bible is filled with such stories. There is a reason for that. My sons' lives show this as well. Failure after failure because they have walked away from their heritage. If you aren't a believer, you won't understand this and that's ok.

Faithfulness to God is filled with overflowing blessings. And to whine about your life or a problems when you are unfaithful to God is ludicrous. My poor Jerry missed church for three weeks before he died. I remember his sadness and depression over this. How badly he wanted to be there. But he was so tired and he overslept. He couldn't figure out why he was so tired and neither could I. I just though he was working too hard. I was having pain problems so I let him sleep. I wish I'd wakened him so he could have had his hearts desire for a bit longer.

And my granddaughter is learning her faithfulness from her parents. They are her example. Their attitudes toward the house of God are being formed. Sarah hates sunday school because she's ever been in one for very long before they start missing.

I've vented enough. If I say all this to my children, they will be angry. They will if they read it too but I am not accountable to them for this. I am only accountable to God in my efforts to point my children in the right direction. I see my daughter-in-law as one of my children because I see such potential in her life. And the loss of that potential will impact Sarah.

The housework is more important that that, I suppose.

How I wish my sons could have his hearts desires.

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