Monday, March 30, 2009

Slow Day in the Fast Lane

I didn't stop all day. I worked from the time I hit the door until 5:20. I left and went to the bank where I had to sit in the drive through 20 minutes waiting while they helped some old lady. She deposited a fist of checks and then she tried to cash a check but they told her that her account only had $2 in it. She said, "With all the money I just put in there?" He told her because she had deposited checks they wouldn't post until tomorrow. She wasn't happy. I eventually got out after two other people. I got there about 5:30 and left at 5:45!

I came home and Mike was here. He didn't want to go out to eat. I had arranged to take all of them to supper so I could have a real meal where I could sit down with my children. It ended up Dave, Becca, Sarah and I went to dinner while Mike stayed on the computer. He said he had crackers. Probably a whole stack of Ritz. But he and I had lunch and a movie on Saturday together.

We came home and visited while I worked on my puzzle. I have more photos to upload. I am so excited. It is nearly finished. I did a lot tonight, pieces that have been driving me crazy just fell into place as if I had put them there before.

I have a theory about puzzle building. I believe if you look at the puzzle and the pieces scattered around carefully for several minutes before you leave it, when you come back the next time you will actually be able to put in the first several pieces on the first try. I don't know why I think this works but I believe it does. Usually the first dozen pieces are amazingly simple. I can't believe I pick up a piece and know right where it goes. This has happened so frequently that it can't be coincidence. I always scan the puzzle before I leave it for any length of time, particularly parts that are challenging me.

Well, it's my theory and as long as it works I'll keep doing it. I'd be interested in knowing the results if any of you try this sometime. Of course, all you who are wanting to try a puzzle have to go GET one first.

Why do I think this works? Because, putting patterns together is what the brain is good at. The more you put patterns together the easier it gets. My uncle, when they were here the week following the funeral said I don't put puzzles together like everyone else. I didn't know what he meant. Not sure I do yet. I don't think I do. But the whole family was involved in puzzles for over a week and I watched how they did it. It seemed very inefficient to me for some reason I couldn't pinpoint. So, I must be doing something differently but can't figure out what it is.

Anyway, it fascinates me. And soon, my train will be on its way through the snow filled, moonlit valley. Keep watching.

I'm getting ready for bed. I took my pills late tonight and I am concerned I'll wake up late so I'm going to try and turn in on time.

My sister Roselynn's blog has an updated look. And she is not Child of Seven. Give it a look.

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