Saturday, March 28, 2009

Knowing is a Wow!

Just got back from the movie starring Nicholas Cage - "Knowing".

Well, I must say it was a really good movie. Do not take young children, please. There is some action that is disturbing because of the nature of the events are violent (subway crash) but over all this was the cleanest movie I believe I've ever seen. No cursing, no nudity, no gratuitous violence. Mike said that Cage said "shit" twice. I don't recall that at all so it wasn't obvious. It was quiet sobering in some respects.

The is a movie about a little girl who in 1958 foretold all major disasters up to 2009. These were sealed in a time capsule at her school to be opened in 50 years. This comes into Cage's possession in 2009, through his son, who received it at the opening ceremony. Cage is a scientist who believes that everything is random chance and can't be predicted. So, these prophecies are a challenge to him. And three prophecies have not happened. When he realizes this, he sets about to stop them.

The most disturbing part of this for me was that he was a widow and talked about the lost of his wife. It was painful, to say the least. I don't cry at movies but this nearly did me in a few times. His questions and pain were an echo for me.

For those of you with a religious background, it is a very religious movie. Yes, you heard me. The thing is absolutely filled with religious overtones and Biblical thought. Not preachy stuff. Not a morality show. Just subtle, well, not subtle to me, but subtle Biblical overtones.

Go to the site and view the trailers: Knowing and see for yourself.

I talked to my cousin Dan a while ago and he agreed with me about the religious overtones. He said when he came out he felt like he needed to go to church. LOL! That's so Danny. He liked the movie, too.

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