Friday, March 20, 2009

Down the Rabbit Hole

I stopped taking the Xanax two days ago. I do not like having my brain cloudy for hours at a stretch. I can't get a lot done when I take it. At night I spend the evening in a drowsy state where I can't really read or think well. So, I'm dealing with reality. And I don't know if I'm doing it well or not.

Last night was horrible but not as horrible as February. I slept terribly. I am to see the grief counselor today. It probably useless. I think the blog is much more effective at working out emotions.

I've discovered that pills soothe the conscience. One doesn't feel very guilty about anything on pills. One doesn't worry about a lot either. Life sort of drifts by in a daze and you really don't care. When something upsets you, you feel competent to handle it, after you take a nap. You hurt a bit but the pills convince you that it isn't too bad and you'll be fine, you'll get through this. . . with their help. Just like Alice in Wonderland with her little bottle that said "Drink me" they call to you.

That's not living. So, I fired them. And today, my pain levels are rising because of that choice. Lack of sleep and stress. I guess some of the pain I have is anxiety related. But at least I can feel something. The doctors will not be happy.

I still have the pills if it becomes unbearable. I can always jump through the looking glass again.

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