Saturday, March 14, 2009

What is Happening in My World?

Stolen from Riete first... and then Katey.

Outside my window ... gloom with a portent of rain.

I am thinking ... that I’m tired for some unknown reason.

I am thankful for ... the use of my hands and eyes

From the kitchen ... there is no sound. Could be because we aren’t speaking. Dishes are clean because I did them last night. I went and got Sarah and Becca and had a burger. Mike just ate in there and I'll have a couple of items but whatever.

I am wearing ... aqua sweater, black skirt, hose, and low heeled shoes I wear to work. Most comfortable shoe I’ve had in a long time. The hose keep my legs warm as I don’t wear slacks.

I am creating ... this post. I did write some last night on Mist for about five minutes and will probably get back to it soon.

I am going ... maybe take a nap to cure the tired? I have federal taxes to do for myself and state taxes to do for Mike, Sue, and me.

I am reading ... “Through a Season of Grief” by Bill Dunn and Kathy Leonard. I don’t know if it is good and I’m not sure it is helping but since it is single page readings, it is manageable under my current mental state. I can’t concentrate long. Also, blogs, which work well for short attention spans . . . unless they are as long as mine.

I am hoping ... that I regain my sanity, ability to think, write, and pay attention again.

I am hearing ... the television. Mike brought his antenna over out of sympathy and said he never watched t.v. anyway. Since he is partially deaf, I can hear everything he is watching.

Around the house ...there is nothing happening unless you count Mike on the phone.

One of my favorite things ... I can’t remember any …. Maybe I should do this again in a few years.

Plans for the rest of the week ... week? How about next five minutes or next five years. I have no plans except work and taxes.

Picture of where I would like to be .... There is no picture for that.

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