Saturday, March 28, 2009

Evening Falls

A storm blew in and I sat and paid bills. Here are the clouds over the garage. You can see how bad a shape this end of the house is in. Needs pain and gutters up.

And here is a shot from the back door, looking across the yard to where the railroad runs between us and the street. You can see the mess they leave, too. The only saving grace is that in summer it is all green and woodsy so my yard is completely shielded from view.

Here is one from the front door after the rain really began to fall. My little Focus needed a wash. I need a new awing, too. This one leaks a bit and looks terrible but taking it down would mean I'm drenched in every rainfall while I fumble with keys to get inside.

Here is the last shot.
I had the camera set to take a close-up and forgot to set it back. But it worked out well. You can see the raindrops! That was what I wanted but didn't know how to do it with this camera.

Now, for my next trick. I've had wash going, made my bed with clean sheets, and messed around here. I'm ready for real food. The Subway sandwich at lunch is long gone and I've had too much candy for someone with my insulin disorder. Only coffee since we got home from the movie. I want real food but have no idea what I want. I have salad makings and Raspberry vinaigrette dressing and I have spicy chicken strips with ranch dressing to cool them down a bit. Sounds like a plan.

First, however, a nice hot shower and a wash of the mop. May see you all later or may just watch HULU for a bit. Hope you all have a good weekend.

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