Sunday, March 8, 2009

Idiots Among Us

I kid you not. They still roam the earth freely. And they find their way to my door or my site frequently.

Prince1956 just invited me to be his wife.

First, I doubt seriously you're a prince of any kind.

Second. I wouldn't insult the memory of my husband of 35 years with an internet relationship a month after his death. And not ten years with someone like you. You are a fool.

Third, I wouldn't insult my own intelligence by even considering a connection with you. Read the @#$!@#%#@$ blog, you moron. I am very careful to outline my criteria. I haven't checked your site but you've left no doubt as to your character . . . or your stupidity. I don't do stupid on a good day and you picked a very bad day.

Fourth, any idiot who would even approach a woman like me with an invitation like that is the biggest brainless wonder on the planet. I fervently pray there is NO woman that stupid.

I haven't blocked you, Lurch, because I sincerely hope you return long enough to read this. I'll block you after that.

For my friends who don't know what Lurch is, look up the Addams Family t.v. program and check out the butler. He's a real charmer, too.

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