Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Sunday

With chocolate sauce? No. Just a cold day. I went to church today and found myself frozen, not just with the chill outside but the one inside. Inside me. Everyone was so sweet and caring. They hugged me and prayed for me and just let me know how much they care. But I was like this huge block of ice.

I sat where we always sat. My aunt called a little while ago and asked why I didn't site somewhere else as I had planned to do. I couldn't. That is where Jerry would have wanted to sit. I didn't know where else to go.

And I stared at the wall where he often stood during the worship service. In my church, people will often move out to the front and the aisles to worship, some to sing, some to close their eyes to pray, some to stand and raise their hands and just offer praise,and some to lose themselves in a dance of joy. Jerry always found his spot along the wall with some of the other men and sometimes he'd clap his hands and sometimes he'd raise them. Sometimes he'd take Sarah if she was with us and she loved being where the action was. She's a little worshiper, you see. But I watch that spot and there was no one there. And I tried to see it but it was just a blank wall and I was too.

I don't remember much of the service, actually. I had taken that medicine and by about halfway through I needed to sleep. Mike and I stopped for lunch and then I came home and he went to his house. I don't think Mike is comfortable here in the house. He said last night he can't sleep here.

Anyway, I'm going for now. I think I will go snuggle under warm blankets and nap for an hour.

You should all go read my sister, Roselynn's blog. It is much more positive than this and I found it quite amazing. And encouraging for her.

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