Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tuesday.... A Sunny Start

The week began with sunshine... for a change. Today it seems more of the same. I had an appointment yesterday afternoon with the counselor. He said he thinks I'm better. {sigh} Really, it just depends on the day of the week and how hard I've been trying to avoid things. The tireder I am, the worse I get.

I've rested better Sunday and Monday nights. Perhaps because of the prayer cloth Dave and Becca brought me on Sunday night. I pinned it to my PJ top and I went to bed both nights exhausted. Seriously, exhausted. I could barely keep my eyes open both nights. I woke up on Monday and this morning at 6 a.m.. My alarm is set to go off at 6:30 and I usually hit snooze until 6:45.

After I started this I was reminded of the software committee meeting today. They provided lunch but it was a whole day of nothing but listening to a software presentation.

Ultimately, I don't think my opinion will count for anything. They just want to be able to say they consulted every department. I think the accounting personnel have already decided on what they want for the agency and it won't matter what the rest of us say.

Then, I went with Dave and Becca to meet with the attorney's office and discuss their bankruptcy. I promised I'd help them with it. They are never going to get out of the mess they are in any other way. I don't approve of bankruptcy. We were in a mess several times and managed to clean it up and finally got our credit established. But we were never in as deep as these two. And with no skills and low paying jobs, they will never be able to do anything.

I'm tired tonight. I've been up since 6 a.m. Dave and Becca are cutting the yard so I will have a nice yard this weekend.

I have been reading my new study Bible. I quite like it. It has a lot of historical sidebars and footnotes and that is different and very interesting.

I had plans for this post today but it seems to have gone now. I hate getting interrupted at it. Maybe I'll be back later.

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