Saturday, May 9, 2009


Just got back from shopping. Bought three tops form Kohl's and a 4th of July dress for Sarah. It was just too cute to pass up.

I also went to Penny's where I bought my fourth and fifth pair of St. John's Bay shoes. One is another pair that I will wear to work. All four pair are exactly alike...yes. Two black, one navy and one brown. Why four just alike? Well, they are the most comfortable working shoe I've had in years. I wear out a pair in six months. I'm scared they will stop carrying this particular shoe so, I bought one in each color and an extra pair of black today to save the wear and tear on the other pair of black.

The second pair I bought today is a pair of sandals by St. John's Bay. Absolutely wonderful on my foot! I've been trying to find a summer sandal but they are all so ugly, so uncomfortable, or just to teeny-bopper for me. These are really nice and again, the insole is heavenly.

Then, I went to Sam's Club. Do they have them in Europe, Jilly? A bulk discount warehouse where you have a membership to purchase things. Although, I often discount the discount portion. Sometimes it is cheaper elsewhere. Anyway, I bought some food and a Dora book and a Dr. Suess book for Sarah. I bought me a new study Bible. This is a chronological one like my other but this one has study notes. The other I have it a "through the year" chronological Bible.

Now, I'm probably going somewhere else.

Anyone know why spending money is making me ill? I use the money from Jerry's pension for the "extras" I've been buying, like the clothes, shoes, and furniture. I've noticed that I get sick to my stomach every time on the way home.

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