Friday, May 8, 2009

Calendar Says.... Friday

I thought it would never get here. What a long trying week. A lot going on on the home front and work is hectic. I'm trying to push ahead so I won't come back from vacation to a mound of work.

I'm had a lot of pain this week and I wish there was a solution. I just ache all around my neck and shoulders. Sharp pains that worsen if I turn my head or get in an awkward position for long. Forget looking over my shoulder. I'm using hot stuff on it but it is pretty much useless.

I plan on spending tomorrow cleaning around the property. I must get my energy up so I can accomplish something. The yard is terrible and the house needs as much weeding as the yard. And my garage... doesn't bear thinking about.

I am sitting here not wanting to work. I have found putting up the post of verses I've marked in my Bible has become interesting to me. I remember when I marked some of them, and others I rethink them. And I find the oddities a bit more fun. I'll be posting one about automobiles and one about freeways.... LOL, you'll have to keep reading to find out. Keep in mind that some of these odd verses were shown to me by people long dead. I marked them solely because they were strange.

It is sad how people misjudge the Bible and ignore it. I am not sure why that is. Someone once said a truly educated mind has read all the classics and the Bible. I always thought that was true. The influence of the Bible on history and literature is profound, despite modern efforts to obliterate it from all thought and education.

In my secular college, I took a "Bible as Literature" class (right before my Anthropology class!) and it was such a fun class because we examined it as great literature, not a religious document. There is much of interest in the pages. People were not different then than they are now so you find many similar events happening. And the insight into life and people is profound.

Anyway, I won't convince heathens to read it but I thank them for reading the rest of my blog. LOL, I have friends in many places and not all agree with me on religious matters. I hope they know me well enough to know their faith or lack thereof doesn't make me like them less.

I am going back to work. I need to do two moves and several other items today. Everyone have a great day. I will be back later tonight, I am sure.

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