Sunday, May 24, 2009

Down in the Dump

As you can all see from my last few posts, I've slowly been descending into a depression. I've not been able to stop it exactly. Since I don't know what caused it, I can't very well stop it. However, I did go get the St. John's Wort and it is helping.

I am, by no means, over the depression but it is lessening somewhat. I suspect it will take a couple of days to really get through the worst of it. Thank God I have enough experience with severe depression to recognize it for what it is and deal with it when necessary. At the moment, I've been at home. I've not even gotten dressed today. I just have sat playing games on the computer, reading my Bible, and chatting when I find someone to chat with.

The act of doing things that don't require deep thought, emotional reactions, or keep me thinking about anything other than my problems is best at the moment. Earlier I moved some clothes and ran across Jerry's favorite shirt, the only one I have left in the house. It still smells like him. That was not a good thing so I stopped moving clothes.

If you are not on my MSN messenger or Yahoo messenger and would like to be, let me know with a PM. I think a couple did that a while back but I don't remember now. If you did and I did not add you, remind me. Of course, you all send me PM's and comments so it isn't as if you don't talk to me.

I am going now and find something to snack on. I had lunch earlier but I think it has been several hours.

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