Monday, April 15, 2013

Another Manic Monday

I was on my way to bed actually, when I thought I'd better post something. I went to work this morning, put my behind in the chair and basically worked myself to a frazzle. I'm tired.

What is a frazzle? I mean, I've worked my fingers to the bone and worked my self nearly to death. But what is a frazzle? Who thought that up anyway?

I've been sick as a dog for a month. I'm feeling better this week and I am praying that it last. But how is being sick as a dog worse than being as sick as I was? If a dog had been that sick ... he'd be a dead dog.

I love the language.

Moving on.... I didn't get to my actual work until after lunch. If this continues I'll be a month behind before the end of the month. I asked if we were replacing the receptionist. He said he was meeting with the ED in the morning to discuss some things and he thought that would definitely be on the agenda. Well, I hope so! Because now, we will each be on the phone a whole day ever week and we'll have a meeting three to four days a month, we'll be answer all our call, filling hundreds of pieces a paper a week, several hundred files, and processing all that paper coming in. Not to mention trying to meet with ever person who wants to tell you about their nasty neighbors.

I've applied for two jobs. I don't know exactly what they are but similar to what I'm doing. I'm praying for them to pass me over if this is not what is best for me. I don't want another job that will kill me.

Oh! I'm taking an online creative writing class and I'm really looking forward to this. I had signed up for Forward Motion, another writing clinic that lasts over a year. But I simply could not get into it. I was a few weeks into it when this sickness started and now I'm abysmally behind. Forward Motion is an ongoing writing class so I can try again.  The new one is a university class and is a series of video/audio lectures taught by Brian Sanderson. The class last several weeks. Your supposed to write 50,000 words in 4 months. LOL, piece of cake if I decide to write. I may just listen and take notes. Doesn't matter really. I'm not adding any pressure to it. Fortunately, I'm doing the 2012 class and it's recorded.

Anyway, very busy writing. I told my friend, Doug, today that I was no longer beating myself up about what I'm writing. I'm writing and that's what counts. That's what I want to do. I started the new blog and I feel good about it, if a little intimidated. It is different and I can already tell it is going to be a different way of writing. I'm not sure I'm going to have a lot of creative control. Frankly, I'm fine with that.

I got the notice that the Library let me reserve the room for my writing group on the 27th. We're meeting and talking about Character and Story Arcs. I like the monthly meetings on a Saturday afternoon. I am more relaxed and really enjoy it much better.

Keep me in your prayers. I'm moving things in my life and that is always hard and sometimes painful. While I am better, I'm still not over this sickness. I still get unusually tired over simply duties. I over did it Saturday and paid the price Sunday. I want to be better by the weekend because David has a friend coming to town he wants me to meet.

Once again, I'm up too late! Night!


  1. Your writing class sounds like a very positive and productive move on your part. I'll be watching to see how it's going and what you're learning. Enjoy!

  2. Writing class sound like something very positive in your life. What a great idea. And the writing group also sounds like a wonderful way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Hope you find much enjoyment there.

  3. I will keep you in my prayers, Cynthia. The writing class sounds great for you, and I hope the perfect job comes along for you!!

  4. So glad to hear that you are writing but not pressurising yourself. Hope that one of the jobs is indeed the one for you. Am intrigued by this person that Mike wants to introduce you to....