Friday, April 5, 2013

A Sunshine Fix

Just got back home. I had a lunch date today and decided to keep it. I'm tired but the day is pretty and warm and so it was probably a good idea to go out. After lunch I stopped at Sears to get Sarah some sandals and summer dresses and then had to go back to the bank because they needed a document they gave me in error. So, I was gone about three hours.

I just feel tired. Not as overwhelmed as I've been for the last 5 days and certainly not collapse in the floor exhaustion I had until today. But tired. I didn't get as much sleep last night but it doesn't seem to have made things worse. I'm going to be watching the sleep a bit more consistently. Tonight I have to go to bed before 10 p.m.

I'm also going to limit my internet activities. I'm not sure but I'm probably going to either limit time or days when I will allow myself to be actually online for anything other than responding to email. I've been canceling subscriptions for a few days now and will continue to do that. My goal is to cut down on my online presence. Probably as difficult as losing weight but it can be done. Most of my writing these days is done here. I don't expect the writing to stop. It keeps me sane and allows me to decompress some of the stress that is killing me. Anyway, those are the plans. It feels right.

Now, I'm going off again and read something. Just getting into the sunlight is a plus so I may sit on the porch and read if I can find a comfy chair. My neck is still uncomfortable and that's a fibro trigger point. When that stops hurting, nearly everything else stops hurting.

Thanks for the supportive comments in the blog posts. I'm not the most cheerful person to read these days. The fact that you did speaks volumes for your fortitude and character. Bless you.


  1. Well, bless you Cynthia. You are the one who is suffering and all I (we) can do from a distance is be here for you. I'm glad you got out for awhile, and sitting in the sun with a good book sounds wonderful! Rest well!!

  2. Hope that today is going better for you and that you have got some sunshine. I will be trying to read back some blogs that I have missed.

  3. Enjoy the can work wonders.