Saturday, April 20, 2013

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

What a beautiful day it has been, if a bit cool for my liking. Right now at 5:50 p.m. it is 56 degrees and sunny. 
It was, however, perfect weather to do yard work. Mike and I got out and cut the yard with our new riding mower and all I can say is I wish I'd done that years ago. This huge yard is just too much to cut with a push mower. When I was younger, the exercise was good for me. It would still be good for me when I have good days. In recent months there have not been many. And I am saddened at how many times Jerry struggled to do while keeping his bad heart a secret.

Good news: Let me just say I feel about 100% better than I have in the last three months. I don't know what is in those pills but it is amazing. I think I mentioned that she gave me acyclovir, an antiviral med used in the treatment of shingles, herpes viruses, and chickenpox. I have none of those. They think I've had a recurrence of Epstein Barr. Which I never remember having at all! But she wasn't even positive of that. I believe EB is a herpes simplex related virus so I suppose it makes sense to take a med used to treat HS. I have to take it twice a day until I see her in two months. 

She also prescribed DHEA, an over the counter supplement. There are all kinds of information pro and con but my extremely low cortisol count was her reason for having me take it. I'm to take 5-10 mg but all the bottles I found were over 25! That's crazy. So, I'm cutting it in half and will talk to her about getting a smaller dose bottle. 

However, something has been a shot in the arm, at least today. I'm alert, virtually no pain, no anxiety, lots of energy, and well, just really good. If I can have this everyday I'll make it.

Now that that is done, I'm getting off and and working on my new crochet project.  A pineapple patterned shawl that I found online. It is going to be teal in color. I'll have to post it on Ravelry. I don't go there much but I do have a page. If you're a crafty person, it is a good site to meet other people who share your interests. 

Hope the rest of you have a really good weekend! Oh, had a response for  one of the jobs I sent a resume on. It is a local state job. They say they want me to complete some additional information as I appear to be a qualified applicant. {shrug} We'll see.


  1. Good news. Glad you're feeling better and that there's at least a nibble for another job.

    The riding mower looks fun. Maybe the boys will compete for who gets to use it!

  2. excellent news!!! hopefully this is the first of very many more good days.

  3. Praise God the new meds are helping you feel so much better! Prayers will continue, Cynthia! Keep us posted about the job, and I hope it is something you would enjoy and they will recognize what a prize you would be to have on staff. The riding mower is definitely the way to go.

  4. so nice to see you are feeling a bit better..............:-)

  5. So very happy to read this. Long may it continue.