Friday, April 12, 2013

TGIF... At Last!

No day was more welcome than this day. I'm so tired that I can hardly stand it. I do not know how long this virus will be active but I'm really wishing for a quick remission. They tell me that once it is activated that at any time it can recur without warning. And there is no predicting how long it stays active. I got to tell you, based on what I've researched, this is no mild, harmless virus once it wakes up. Whatever you thought about mono... you were probably wrong unless you've had it.

During the day I have to work. I've been simply taking it easy just watching t.v. shows and reading and blogging about my thrilling adventures. Yes, those. For now the raging storm has calmed and we have a strong breeze and sunny skies. I am too tired to care much but there it is.

My yard is a morass of weeds. I'm going to buy a riding mower this weekend and then I will never need to beg for anyone to cut my yard again. I will do it myself. I wish I felt better. I'd love to get out there this weekend and clean up and get the ground ready for my princess feathers and moonflowers. Doesn't that sound thrilling?

I'm also going to see about getting the porch screened in for the summer. I can only sit on it in the mornings or after 5 p.m. but it would be rather nice to have that.

I'm working on a new blog that will have a slightly different slant than any of my other blogs. I don't know when I'll have it opened. I'm working on content. Writing and thinking about the kind of things I want there. It will be called... well, the initial name is Rendered Praise. I started to do this last year or maybe the year before. I even started laying it out but then, tossed the idea. It came back to me again about a week or so ago, with the same name. But I'm not going to do anything until I have several areas of content done. And I'm praying about the content because this is important to me. I've been too sick to do much more than set up the site and think about what I'm going to post. I have the first couple of post ready to start on. I'm hoping to do that this weekend.

Chris asked me what I was doing to surround myself with positive things. One of the things that I've done is shut off all internet activity except answering emails if needed, I unsubscribed to several items, posting to the blog, and responding to my NaNo group on FB. I go on FB to check on my family and friends but try to limit it to only a short periods. I guess I've chucked everything else as a waste of my time. It seems to be working.


  1. I hear ya about welcoming today! Friday couldn't have gotten here quick enough for This virus you have really sucks (sorry for my language) but it truly does. I'm keeping you in my prayers that you go into remission soon. Looking forward to seeing the new blog! Have a wonderful weekend and hopefully you can get some rest!

  2. Princess feathers and moonflowers ? Maybe I had some before I mean the feather things I don't know what they were called . They had huge bright flumes of different colors. I even dried some and kept them in a bouquet.

    I hope you feel better soon!

  3. I'm so sorry you are having to go through this terrible virus. Praying for you, and that it will go into remission soon. I had tears in my eyes, watching your video blog. Couldn't leave a comment. Kris is right, it sucks big time. Rest, eliminate anything that steals your joy, and be well!!