Friday, April 26, 2013

Little Green Men and Conquered Mountains

The week started relatively lousy because I seem to have caught a cold on top of my other maladies. The virus I've been battling seems to be getting better but what I thought might be allergies turned into something ugly. I think I now have a sinus infection. I don't know if I can throw it off myself or not. It doesn't seem to be getting worse, is markedly better than initially, but I don't see it improving over the last three days. Seems that now it is just taking up residency in my sinuses and ears. I believe it is alien in nature as all the signs point to little green men. Yeah, I know. Gross.

As you may or may not know, we have to do front desk duty for three hours, one day a week as we only have a part time receptionist. Her last day was today. Now we'll each be doing desk duty two and half hours every day. On Tuesday I was on my rotation and a person came on and wanted to know why she had not received her letter about her name coming to the top of the waiting list. She had been passed because we sent her letters and she didn't respond. She showed me a change of address and stated she had moved. I asked her if she'd turned it in and she said, "I'm giving it to you now." I explained it was too late to do it now. I even called the Admissions office and they told me to tell her to put in a request for a hearing. Knowing that she only missed her time by two days it was a good chance she'd be reinstated and allowed to start the process. As I began to tell her this, she ripped up her paperwork, threw it through the opening in the plexi-glass into my face and told me to keep my @#%@^ mess and walked out. I stopped talking and let her walk out. Gee, that's too bad.

Wednesday was move briefing day and I simply felt lousy. I didn't get a lot done in the afternoon because I was just miserable. However, on Thursday, I decided to turn on my ITunes and see what I could find to listen to. I figured if my mind was occupied then I'd be able to work a bit better. I was right. I listened to podcast of a minister that I listened to years ago on the radio. It was so good and I enjoyed it so much. By the end of the day, I had done a lot more work.

This morning when I got in I put together the folders I completed yesterday and then got to work at my desk. I pulled up ITunes and  found some good preaching podcast by Ravi Zachariahs. I stopped only for lunch and listened to it all afternoon.  I had a really productive day! I did 13 recertifications and that's a boon for me. I returned all my calls on top of that and talked to a couple of crazy people without breaking a tooth. Seriously. Ok, that was unkind. They weren't crazy. Disturbed maybe. 

I was able to finish the week feeling like I was on top of the mound of paperwork rather than it on top of me. Despite the little green men... it was a comfort.


  1. You actually sound awesome! I think you're getting better every day!

  2. They've come to visit me too these aliens. I can't figure out why it's holding on so long sinus, chest , coughing and coughing. Hopefully the new week will show improvement and the space creatures can go party somewhere else far , far away.

    That is a lot of folders! Whoa

    Hope your week is good.

  3. Glad you ended up having a productive day, in spite of those aliens! I sure hope you feel better. A sinus infection probably will need some attention from your doctor. Take care, Cynthia!