Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Catching Up, Checking Out

I did not get into bed until after midnight.The family issues continued until then. I'm so tired today and depressed. I was afraid I couldn't sleep so I just prayed for God to give me a blanket of peace and let me rest. And while, I'm very tired, I'm not collapsing. Not yet, anyway.

As happens when you go to bed your mind often does things it shouldn't. I had to get up and write it all down because I knew I'd forget it by morning. I'm glad I did that. It is going to be a good post I think. I'm working on the title. It is about how we change the will of God. Can't go into it now because I'd get started and mess up my post.

Today we are having our insurance meeting and we're supposed to get stuff ready for shredding... he really expects us to move those boxes? I don't think so. Then we're to do any filing we have. The meeting is at 2 p.m. It will probably last until at least 3 p.m. It will take a bit to get the boxes marked. What filing does he think we can get done in the remaining time?

Today is very warm, in fact,  78 at the moment. I had lunch with my NaNo Writer's Asylum pal, Kathy. I think I complained more than she but it was really nice to see her again. Of course an hour isn't enough to really get much said. I hope I didn't commandeer the conversation too much. If you read this Kathy, you looked great and I did enjoy getting together.

I've got to get ready for the next local writer's meeting. My friend, Snowgoon (aka Doug) is going to talk to the group about the Character Arc worksheet. I shared it with them several weeks ago and several folks felt they needed something like that to help structure their story. I ask him about speaker's fees but he didn't give me a price. LOL, I'm trading on friendship. Maybe he'll take a lunch in exchange.

For some reason my head is swimmy. I move it and I feel slightly dizzy. I think it is the allergies but at this point, I'm taking all kinds of stuff and nothing is working.

Later that day......

Well, I managed to get through the day without getting fired. They announced who was leaving today. One of my coworkers took one of the jobs in another department. The second person is still waiting to see if they get the second job available. As of May 1 we're down to 4 case managers and will be handling between 425 -450 files. This is astronomical. This on top of all our own filing and answering the phones and other support duties. Not support staff. They talked like within a year another cut could happen. If that happens the department is gone. We can't process on this small a staff. My guess is that they know we're going down. I believe in a year, maybe two, it will be outsourced. Time to go.

I'm looking for a telecommute job, folks.

Blood work came back. I have to go see the doctor next Thursday for the full results. My doctor likes to explain all the blood work to you. She's really a super doctor. I apparently have Epstien Barr Virus. Mono. They told me I had a "flare up" of the virus. I said, "Flare up? I've never been sick like this before. And I've never had mono. How can I have a flare up?" Look it up. You can have it and never get sick. You can pass it and not know it. Once you have the virus you have it forever and it can "flare" and you are contagious without even getting sick. How is that fair? That's true germ warfare!

There is something else but she didn't talk about it on the phone. Something to do with my RA blood work. I wonder if it is that discrepancy she noted on the last test? One being positive while the other was negative.

I'm sitting on the patio with a breeze blowing beneath the red umbrella. It is 77 out here and the clouds are increasing. I hear a storm is coming.

I'm going to bed tonight, early. I'm not available for the rest of the evening. Sometimes you really need to just check out.


  1. I'm glad you are still employed and can continue to look for a new job, while employed. Some say that makes it easier to find something. I'm keeping you in my prayers, Cynthia, and hope you get some results and firmer answers to your health issues soon! Sending hugs & love along with the prayers.

  2. Praying for solid answers regarding your health and rapid healing.