Saturday, April 13, 2013

Real Ledge Living

I woke up feeling ok. Wow, amazing how that actually sounds good. However, I only started doing something in the last hour. Cleaning the kitchen and putting on laundry and mopping the kitchen. I sat down to eat and realized I don't feel ok now.

Let me preface that by saying I don't actually hurt anywhere but my neck and that is mild since I got up and did some stretches in my neck and shoulders. I'm just incapable of doing anything because of the tiredness.

I do think there is some swelling somewhere in my upper abdomen. It felt very crowded in my rib area last night, to the point I was uncomfortable and my back hurt. This morning, that has eased but I can't be sure. How would I know?

I'm about to get up again, change out the laundry, strip my bed, clean, sweep and mop the bathrooms, and vacuum the rugs and clean the other floors/ and run a mop over them. I should be totally wiped out by then and I still have to do the bank statement and pay bills. Then I have to start on the yard.

No, I don't have anyone to help me. This is the real world of widowhood when you're sick. Waaaaa.

Why am I here? Oh, yeah, right.

I just launched a new blog. Right, another one. This makes nine on my list but to be perfectly honest, over half of those are closed blogs used to store unfinished novels from NaNo. One is my final research paper that I had to complete to graduate with a BA in history. Another is a storage blog of my old Multiply site. So, this new one..

Rendered Praise Visit.


  1. I'm sorry Cynthia, I must have missed somewhere if you posted a diagnosis of what you have going on. I hope you get on the other side of it soon.

    Going to check out your new blog.