Saturday, November 19, 2011


Whatever! I'm sitting in a Panera that is jam packed with people...well, it was when I got here and it is just now thinned. So much for the lunch alone idea. Actually I don't like lunching alone but I've had to make myself do this frequently since Jerry died. Thirty-five years is a lot of breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. I went from Mama to Jerry and there were precious few solitary meals. And I still do not like it. I wouldn't eat if I had a choice. Why am I not thin? No, svelt? You can't be built like Dolly and be svelt... although she has the teeniest waist and little feet. Where is this going!

Probably these Toffee Nut cookies. That's why I'm not thin. They are to die for and I can't resist them. But I've had my salad and that's healthy. LOL, funny memory... Jerry said he liked a woman he could hold on to. {shakes head} He was a little nuts but in a nice way.

I am sitting skimming the web for interesting things. {sigh} I'm seen most of it. It's just like cable television, pretty much the same thing on every channel. I tend to stick with sites that I actually find content on that teaches me something, entertains in some sensible fashion, or simply soothes my spirit. Lately I'm blogging like a fiend.

Sensible. It's up there near the fashion. I've been sensible a long time. Maybe I should try something else. I'll think about it. ........ That's the sensible thing to do.

I'm avoiding writing. You know this, right?

Anyone know when things are supposed to become fun? I didn't get the memo.

Ok, I think I should probably give up the table and stop getting refills. You know, you can save a lot of money on that $11 meal just by hanging around for a couple of hours and getting refills! LOL, that's sensible, too.

There are two ladies behind me talking about prophecy and precognition, in the religious sense. They were talking about something else earlier but this one lady is a real talker. I'd like to sit a little closer so I could hear more but that'd be really rude. I considered turning around and ask if I can blatantly listen. But that isn't who I am. I have relatives who would do that. I just shamelessly eavesdrop.

All right. This has probably taken enough writing time so that I can now get up and go home. Honestly, I had a raging migraine earlier and had to take an Imetrex. In hindsight, I think that yesterday's melt down may have been a precursor. I felt when I got up that I should just go back to bed. The whole day was off. I was really bad last night and this morning, boom.

I'm out of here. They want their table back. Four p.m. I'm at Abbey Road and if no one shows, I'm probably going to just go home. I feel really tired, normal after a migraine of this magnitude. Think Richter scale. Maybe a 5 or 6. You don't want to know about the 12's. They involve vomiting.

Oh... forgot... Sarah.

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