Thursday, November 17, 2011

7 Weird Things

I had a thought this week, while getting in the shower no less. I thought about the odd things we all do and how those that know us probably have no idea that we do them. I tried to think of seven things that I do that would be considered weird or odd, if you don't like the weird appellation. I decided to see if I could come up with seven.

1. I shower in the dark. My kids say this is weird. Not a tub bath, a shower. I like it. I have a nightlight in my bathroom and outside the window, that is in the shower area, there is a halogen light that lights up that end of the yard at night. I never used to take a shower in the dark but after I had the bath redone, I began doing it because I still need to get a cover over the glass. LOL, NO you can't SEE in! I have a frosted pane over it. But I was uncomfortable with it for a bit, even though it was frosted like the previous window. So, until I got used to it, I just turned the light off. Now, I love taking a shower in the dark. LOL last week I bought some tiny battery operated "fake" candles. I now put them on the upper sash of the window. Nice.

2. I can't sleep with my back to the bedroom door. I don't know why. I have never ever liked it. When he was not off working somewhere, Jerry slept on the door side of the bed and I was fine but after he died I had to switch sides of the bed.

3. I don't like things out of place. I mean, seriously. I straighten pictures when I notice them. I straighten chairs. I rearrange my clothes in the closet by color and length. It is due for this again soon. I arrange the items in the pantry by type of food, container, and size. I get in an absolute panic if clutter stays around for more than three days. Seriously, this got worse after Jerry died. So, I'm thinking OCD. 

4. I can tell when someone has been in my house when I wasn't home. I don't know how I know this. I'm seldom wrong about it. Usually it is a family member and they have keys but it still bugs me. I expect them to call me. Becca does because she knows.

5. I have dreams that happen. i.e. I've dreamed people died and they did. This is even weird to me. Science says it is impossible but I still keep doing it. Since my pain is under control and I'm sleeping more, I'm dreaming more. I'm nervous about it.

6. I pray in my car... a lot. Hey, you talk on your cell phone! I'm less likely to have an accident than you. And I'll be ready.

7. Actually, I have been unable to think of anything weird for this one. I may come up with something later. I could put that I know everything but that's not weird. That's just obnoxious. 

So, I will leave it at that. 

What about you?

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