Saturday, November 19, 2011

Saturday Workout

Now, y'all know I'm not going to be doing anything like that title suggest. I do have plans after November to go back to the gym but November... I am getting plenty of exercise, thank you very much. Sort of dreading December.....

I woke up at 7:30! That wasn't on the agenda for today. I had a terrible time last night. Haven't had a meltdown in .... months. Gee, someone say "It gets better." I'll slap you. No, it doesn't. You adapt, making room for the meltdowns. As a result, I feel a bit crappy today.

Now, what is on the agenda? Sue couldn't come clean yesterday so she is supposed to come today. I have plans to write and right the word count if at all possible. Simon is NOT cooperating. He is a contrary fellow and I love him. Just need him to DO something besides look pretty. He's sooo difficult to write at times.

Next, lunch... alone.

Write In at Abbey Road at 4 p.m. Come Write-In.... all the writers who attend are invited to stay for UNPLUGGED at 6 p.m. That is some kind of open mic night. Musicians come in and show their stuff. So a evening of artist. I can't stay long if I stay at all.

Sarah to be picked up. She informed her mother (have I told this already) that she had not seen me in 3 months! And that she had not been to church in two months. Now folks, this is a gross exaggeration. I have seen her in the last couple of weeks. It is true about church. But my aunt and uncle were here and my sister was here after her surgery. She went home last Friday. At any rate, I will pick her up this evening and she will spend the night. I hope she sleeps because by bedtime I'm going to be a zombie.

Note to self: make sure hair is brushed in an appropriate non zombie style. Hair. It is driving me a bit nuts. Actually, it is very nice to just comb it and go. I'd forgotten. But... I'm very self conscious about it. And it gets a bit well, odd when I bump into people I know and they say, rather loudly, "OH you're hair! It looks beautiful down. You're so pretty!" I'm not vain. I never thought so. It is just so ostentatious when they do it that I sort of cringe, with a smile and say thank you. And later I think about that tag... You're so pretty! What did they think before?

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