Tuesday, November 22, 2011


For me, it is halfway through the work week. I'm off Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Yay. 

I've run completely out of steam. Seems like everything has just collapsed on top of me and I can't seem to dig out. Work is a monster. I'm so far behind and yet I still get calls from the clients of the case manager who got to take a vacation! And they know I'm behind because I've been doing work in another area that is NOT MY JOB! 

I'm so fed up because the person in charge sits on the phone all day and plays on the internet. All questions get referred back to the person who asked them! Because the person responsible for answering them doesn't know the answers. I spent 15 minutes helping a coworker find the answer to a question presented to the one in charge yesterday. That person never could answer the question so he ignored it. Even today when I pointed out the obvious he still could not make a decision on what was to be done. I finally told the case manager what to do and said document you efforts to get supervisor help. Does this sound like a cushie job? I think so. No, there is no one to complain to because I need my job. 

{sigh} Rant done.

I have some ideas for my nano novel but for the last several days I have been unable to write very much. My eyes were bothering me last night. A muscle twitching in my right lower lid. Nearly drove me crazy. It is a bit better today but I suspect it is caused by nearly 12 hrs a day on the computer. I spend 8 at work on the computer. Anyway, I'm using some eye drops to help with the dry eyes and I had some medicine for the sty I remembered and used that last night. Actually helped I think.

I had a late lunch. Took Mike to Cancun, the place where Sarah and I were in that video. He' not been there before and it is such a charming place I thought he'd like it. He did.

Now, back to work.  Hope your day is passing much more pleasantly than mine. 

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