Saturday, November 5, 2011

True Story

Tonight my sister and I were just discussing fashion and how certain things just are beyond belief in discomfort. I told her that I felt like the high heel was invented during the Inquisition by men. It wasn't enough to have a woman drawn and quartered, they wanted her to strut her stuff down a runway first.

She said, "No it was a Frenchman, the Marquis de Sade."

She mentioned that the bra was another fashion item invented by men. She said, "Titzling."

I said, "He's German."

I also suggested the heels may have originated with Louis 14, he of the red heels.

She said, "That's one sick bunch."

I asked if she had seen these reports of men now wearing high heels. She said, "Lord yes, and carrying purses."

I said, "God, give me a real man wearing cowboy boots, tight jeans, and a hat."

She said, "There are some men saying the same thing."

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