Friday, November 25, 2011

A Different Sort of Friday

The sun is shinning! Oh my goodness! Look out there. It paints the ground in lovely golden swaths, gilds the trees, highlights the blue of a stunning sky. Amazing!

That's my quota for exclamation points by the way. I use a lot of them... because I also talk that way! It is very hard getting that across... Isn't it? I don't care. They invented the thing for some reason. Might as well use it. It is considered really bad writing. College writing prof said only one is allowed. LOL, leave it to me to defy him. He way too uptight about it.

Still getting all these rave reviews of my hair. Good grief I wish I'd let it down sooner. Best compliment... not that my hair is beautiful. Not that it looks good down. No. Ready? You look so young! LOL I am soooo very vain and didn't even realize it. Second favorite? I didn't know you were so blonde. That is actually humorous. I once was a nice mix of blonde, brown, and a tad of red. Now... I'm silver.. that is not gold... that is silver. All the red and gold decided to turn to silver. Somewhere .... let me look in my pile of books... hmmm, here we are... alchemy.. Eureka! I've discovered how to turn gold into silver. Who knew that mixing a little silver with brown would make it look blonde. (whisper - It actually doesn't but some people seem to think it does so I'm good with it.)


I feel Billy Crystal today. You know......Mahvahlous. I've not been doing anything. Kat and I have both been up past midnight chatting on gmail chat the last two nights. LOL, we both have a "get off time" of 11 but I when we're not working, well, we forget. Simply looked at the time and said, "Oh look! It's 1 a.m.! Maybe we should get off now." No one called me this morning. I was up at 9 despite being in bed... a late.

I'm still down in word count. Waaayyyyy down for me. Today I'm supposed to be at 41667. I'm just over 33K. So, nearly 10K down. Very hard to catch up once you get to that point. So, I'm going to write like a fiend today. May go to Panera and get away from the phone and have a cookie and a drink. My novel is being written in Google Docs so their free wifi is a good thing. cleaning lady just arrived! I wasn't even dressed yet. LOL. I have changed into something suitable and will probably go out just so she can do her thing. Takes a couple of hours and she's done. This is probably the best thing I've ever done for myself. I'm not sure that just not having the stress of cleaning the house isn't healthy. One less worry.

So, not sure how everyone is spending your Friday but I hope it is something you enjoy. Think of me grinding away at the word processor. Simon jumping through hoops to save his skin and that of his lady... LOL, those who've read any of the real story of Simon know it is amusing.

Did I say I feel Mahvahlous? It's true.

I'm scared to death by it.

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