Saturday, November 19, 2011

Final Del Dia

Every moment of my day is not this important. However, it is nearly over and that is probably noteworthy. My headache had clung to me like a bad smell. Not completely there and not gone. Blasted thing!

I've just got home. I left Abbey Road and the Unplugged open mic night. Actually, had it not been for this head, I might have enjoyed that. Not sure. The guy who owns it was surprisingly entertaining and not a bad singer. The kid he had up next was not either but he was young and thought so. I didn't get to hear the "real" acts because I'd been there three hours writing and was ready to find a dark place to crawl into. The crowd was a bit strange... not. . . well, just different. Probably very nice. I don't do crowds well unless I'm teaching. {shrug}

The writing... crawling along with me. I'm three days down in the count. What can I say?

The End of the Day has arrived. Gloria a Dios!

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