Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Good Night's Sleep and a Morning Ramble

I feel almost normal. I did not make it to church. Mike called me in plenty of time but this is one time I knew if I didn't get the right amount of sleep it was going to get ugly. I'm up now and have just made a loop around the Multiply village checking out my contacts. Thank you to all of you who have stopped by and made comments. Sometimes you comments are the brightest spot in my day and I don't think I say thank you enough.

I keep a close check on the blogs, even it it may not seem like you hear from me. I read them. I always tell people that during the darkest days of my life, the people here were often the only light I saw. So, this thanksgiving, I'll give thanks for the best friends on the planet. Now if you can all catch a plane and come to my house for Thanksgiving, we'll have a great time! LOL, I know you can't but it is a lovely picture I can have in my head on Thursday.

That headache sat right there, just waiting to pounce again. I took a pile of stuff last night and went to bed praying I could dig it out. This morning I slept until I woke up. I still felt sleepy but a few minutes on my feet and a cup of coffee and I'm fine. No headache, very little pain (most high praise to God!) and a bit of a smile.

I really think I hurt my ankle in that fall two weeks ago. Good grief I sound like an OLD woman! I remember climbing around the Alps for goodness sake! Not sheer cliffs, mind you... nearly fell off the mountain (another story if I have not told it) but if you've walked in the Alps in S. Germany you know the path around the castles are not a walk in the park. I've camped in the woods, cooked breakfast on an open fire, and then took a hike! I've climbed trees (admittedly when I was in my teens although there was that one time), and I've climbed a few bluffs to look at waterfalls. Despite all the risk you can face in those environments, I never fell but one little step in an apartment building and splat. Very humiliating! The ankle is "tetchy" as they used to say. It works but it is not happy.

Sunday is gloomy and the temp 61F. I have not been outside but the house isn't very cool so it must be ok. The heat just kicked on and it only does that if it drops below 69F in here. I'm dressed in flannel PJ pants and my comfy black long-sleeved T and pink slippers all tucked up on my sofa. It is a good place to be for the moment. No, I have not started writing for the day. I'm giving the boys (Simon, Striker, and Quinn) time to get up from their fictional beds and start doing SOMETHING!

I sent Chris a copy of my intro piece on Striker. She's not commented on what she felt about Striker when she read it. But she did tell me if was very, very good and felt a bit James Bond. My love for Sean Connery is finally exposed! And Roger Moore. And Pierce Brosnen.vBut Sean will remain in my heart as the first.

Let me clear the confusion since most have not read any of the story. No, Simon is not James Bond. He can shoot but Simon does not do guns. They're messy. And tend to be unpredictable. He says he's a lover not a fighter. That's probably true. But he is trained in martial arts and he will fight as a last resort, usually to save his own skin. He is a very special kind of industrial spy so to speak. He is psychic, can "read" minds to some degree and has a special ability to "get into" peoples dreams as they sleep and obtain and insert information.

When I say "read" and "see" do not get confused with the common psychic. He doesn't sit and look at you and "know" your thoughts. He can pick up on them, he can sense other people in an area, he can see images that you are thinking in some fashion and in some limited way but by no means is this ability like the one depicted on television. He calls the things he gets "data" and they, particularly the "dream retrievals", have to be analysed after the fact to see if anything useful can be pulled from it. He works for an agency called Horus. You know, the Egyptian eye symbol called Wedjat (meaning whole or healthy). That's the agency symbol. These are NOT nice people, by the way.

Some of the information I found was amazing, to me anyway. I didn't know the history of the symbol and current modern definition give is an occult meaning, which it may, in fact, have. I'm not trying to debate it. I just needed something that seemed to fit my fictional agency. The fact that they lean to Egyptian decor helped and explained the direction of their company. So, I did research on that symbol and it is broken down into parts, that represents fractions. Very interesting to read about it being used as a mathematical equation as stated here: The Eye of Horus. The broken parts are also said to represent the five senses. One of those parts actually has to do with "thought" as shown here: The Eye or The Ujdat. So, you can understand when I tell you that when I was researching the eye I got a little freaked because everything seemed to fit with my story.

Now that you're all totally confused and/or bored, we'll move on.

Oh... it isn't just gloomy! It is raining! You know Evansville has got to be the gloomiest place anywhere! Take me home to Dixie! Let me stand on Gulf Shores with the summer sun beating on my skin, my feet in hot sand and an ocean breeze blowing in my face. Let me live in a house where I can hear the sounds of whippoorwills and birds at night and smell the pines that grow for miles and miles!

Oh, welcome to Tori, a new friend. I think she's in Germany.

Several of you mentioned yesterday the word "ramble" in connection to my posts. I suppose they are. I've never defined them as much else. If you start reading it in January 2009 it's a horror story. If you go further back, it something else. Still, it probably is a ramble in it own right. I'm trying to convert anyone, but I'm a Christian and it reflects that at times. It isn't declaring a political stance. I'm a conservative and it reflects that at times. It isn't a road map on how to live your life although I've got pretty strong opinions as to that. It is written thought rolling out and onto the screen as I think it. Sometimes I plan. Sometimes I don't. What you get, is what you see. And this is pretty much the way I live. There are glimpses into my family, who are not perfect but sometimes funny. There are glimpses into my heart of which only half remains. There are rants and sermons. I write this blog for me. If others find something they enjoy, then I've done a good thing.

I've said this before but I will again. I have people who read the "grief" part of this blog ask me why I leave my blog open. My contacts know this because they've lived it with me. I don't encourage people to read it because it is painful and exposes my insides in a very ...well to me, horrible way. The feedback from those who have read it was profoundly positive. I've had suggestions to publish it but I still can't go back and read it. So, I left it open.

The rest of the blog is open because if I close myself off I defeat the purpose of the blog. I have about 30 of the most wonderful people I've ever not met here, well except for Kat and Lisa and Cheryl. We've met! If I had closed it, if I didn't take my rambles... I'd have missed that. That would have been a great misfortune for me.

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