Monday, September 3, 2012

Rainy Day Monday

Labor Day. I'm ready to go to the church Labor Day Picnic. I have to pick up Sarah and Mike. No one else is going. If Sarah wasn't going, I'd stay home and do some much needed house work. It is, after all, labor day.

I've been going from room to room hunting things and finding that the problem is there is still too much STUFF! I want some space and order and I don't seem able to get there. Things still find their way into rooms and stay for no apparent reason. I need to find a place to start, and just do it. I did that a couple of years ago and tossed a lot of junk but this time, I seem to be stalled.

It is like some sort of transition step you take in the grief process, I guess. That one step is just a bit too high for me to reach. Sigh.

I've been experiencing that overwhelming hollowness again. The holidays are approaching but I hesitate to blame them. I  haven't even thought of Thanksgiving and Christmas. . . well, not much. I've been thinking about NaNoWriMo. I've been thinking about my son's impending divorce. I've been thinking about how much pain I've been having again. I've been thinking about how upsetting it is to be in chaos alone. Sigh.

All right, too much thinking.

I'm thinking about changing the name of my blog. I have done that one time and I've never been terribly happy with it. Boring.  But last night when I was downloading the missing blogs from the quickly dying Multiply I ran across one that is a snapshot of my life every single day. The title of that post was brilliant and I don't know why I didn't see it before. Well. . . I only write them once and move on so that could be why. Even the content of the post was such a snapshot of what I live that it was laughable. It isn't on this blog yet. I'll post it eventually. The name change you'll see probably sooner.

Maybe even today.


  1. I am so sorry about the 'impending divorce.' That will cause grief all the way around again. I didn't keep the Multiply name when I created the Blogger site. Guess it's because I focused the new blog solely on Bible Reading. Still 'thinking', but a focused thinking. Sorry - I meant to respond to your post but I've become introspective.

  2. Cyber hugs to you for the pain, both emotional and physical. Sometimes it almost seems too much to bear, but we do. I can't wait to see your new name!

  3. Good morning sounds to be kind of not the right greeting in a way considering you are going through so much but my thoughts and prayers are with you. Prayers for strength and peace and comfort from physical and emotional pain.
    Sometimes I feel on the ledge . I get the feeling like I do in high places butterflies and uneasiness . Going through some of that now with some things with family members I love. Also having a son who has gone through divorce I know how hard that is . When you feel alone I pray God surrounds you warmth like a blanket of His love and the sincere encouragement of people who care

  4. The new name is brilliant. I am so sorry to hear how down you are sounding. I wish I could come out there and give you a big hug. I have been really busy so not been around here either writing or reading. Doing a big catch up tonight. I guess, I missed something somewhere along the line as I had no idea about the divorce. So sorry to hear that. Try not to worry. I will email you over the weekend.

  5. I like your new title for the blog.
    The pending divorce is a surprise. I think it's almost harder to watch than to be directly involved. I hope whatever happens goes smoothly.