Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Multiple Solutions

My week has been a bit better and I've slept much better as a result. Maybe the thought of a vacation is the cause. I don't know and it doesn't matter. There has been far less pain and that is entirely due to the weather.

Tomorrow is Thursday and the office will be closed to the public. I'm thrilled by this. I can, I hope, get a lot of work done tomorrow. If I do, it will make my return from vacation a lot less stressful.

I just finished exporting my post from my old Multiply site "Dixiegirl's Place" to a back up blog. There are problems but I don't know if it is because Blogger is doing its thing and sorting the download. One minute I can see the posts on the blog and the next I can't. I elected to do a back up blog because, as I mentioned before, this blog is a mirror of that one minus some random posts. I plan to go through them and compare posts to see what is missing and move the missing ones here. Eventually, that back up blog will be deleted. I've closed it by limiting readers only to myself. You do that in your settings by adding you as the only reader. 

I'm also going to set up some photo albums on Youtube. They'll be slide shows rather than albums of photos. Family won't be as happy but I think it will work just as well. They can be viewed easily. I don't really want to store all my photos on another site. The risk of losing them is simply too great. I'm going to copy them to disc to back them up and label them.

At the moment, I'm really exhausted. I'm going to go to bed now. I can't get into the backup site at the moment so don't know how it is progressing. I can see the posts on the dashboard but not on the blog. It says maintenance is being performed so maybe that's good. I have to say, I'm very unhappy with the media importer. It simply didn't work. So very glad I downloaded my albums. I'd hate to be at this point and find I couldn't get the photos down. 

If all goes well, I'll close the site well before December 1. I'll post the closing date ahead of time. I am sorry to leave. I have been so blessed to have all of you here with me. You've carried me through some rough times and I shall miss all those who move on to other things besides my blog. You have no idea how very much you've come to mean to me. Wherever you go, may you be blessed in all you do. 

I know some of you have already moved to other sites. Good luck to you. I've done the sinking ship one time too many and I'm going to stay with a platform I trust and that has proven stable. Slowly, I'm learning that it does all that I've been able to do here with the exception of photos. I've easily fixed that. So it makes sense to do what I've been doing long before Yahoo 360. My email is in some of the post over the last few weeks. Keep in touch if you will. If you've already joined me on Blogger, wonderful. I'm already enjoying your blogs, some of which belong new friends I found during this transition. 

Good night. 


  1. Hope you had a good sleep and feel even better this morning! I am happy to be a new friend here and am enjoying getting to know you. My Multiply site is still up, but I will be closing it before Dec 1, too. A couple of my good friends haven't moved yet. I just hate losing friendships, but am enjoying new ones here, and many of my closest Multiply friends have moved here already. Trying to make this transition not as emotional as Yahoo 360 was. Wishing you a good day off from work.

    1. I agree with you. I am unhappy about losing folks but I haven't lost too many overall. And a few who didn't join me here are keeping in touch for the moment. I still read the posts. AND I like getting my comments sent to me via email! Now I can respond sooner.

      Haven't tried the subscribe to comments via email but may do that eventually to see if I can keep up with comments on other blogs the way I did on multiply. I think it works that way. If so, it will be really perfect.

  2. The think about Multiply for me was that after a while I fell into a bit of a rut, just talking to the same people and reading the same things, much of it was stuff that I really just wanted no part of, not so much the authors of the blogs themselves, but once you got into the friends of friends feature, I was just not that enamored with some of the people I was consistently running into.

    It took the death of Multiply for me to actually see some new names and faces (such as yours) and to also get me out of the blogging funk I have been in for the last few months. I have looked forward more to building something new than to just regurgitate entries on a page that I was not that happy with. I know many people have looked at the closing of Multiply as a bad thing, I have been just the opposite, for me it is an opportunity to get back the desire to write that has been lacking for some time now.

  3. Matt, you state something I actually had been feeling. I wasn't blogging as much and although I loved the friends I had there, I wasn't meeting new people. It was what had drawn me to 360 and then to Multiply. I thought when they moved overseas that something had changed on Multiply but didn't know what until they announced the marketing thing. Gradually, people stopped coming by the blog. My core group stayed but there were fewer and fewer guest.

    As soon as it was announced they would be closing, I just knew it was probably time to move on. I was annoyed by the closing itself but mostly by the way they'd done it. I'm sorry only to lose some dear friends but as a result, I've found some new friends that I quite like reading.

    So, I agree with you that there is a silver lining to the cloud. And I'm glad to have you on this particular ship with my other new and old friends.

  4. Hope your Thursday went well at work and today isn't bad, either. Enjoy your vacation!

    I agree about Multiply closing being a good thing overall. Folks had been leaving already, groups were defunct, and like Matt said, it was hard to meet new people. I wasn't blogging back in the 360 days (only been at it a few years), so Multiply was my first experience with a platform folding.

    1. I think it was a great experience overall while they were actually concerned about promoting it. The new owners obviously didn't.

      Now we're all learning new things, getting acquainted with new people, and adjusting pretty well.