Thursday, September 27, 2012


They still have not fixed the menu link issue. I don't understand why it works on my other blogs and not this one! Fix it already.

Watched a show called Revolution tonight. All about the world without electricity. Not much better than it is with electricity from what I could see. Bit scary because I actually think it will happen. Yeah, yeah, I'm nuts. Takes one....

I'm doing this F2K thingy... writing course. Free. Not sure what good it is. But hey, free!

I'm trying to decide if people, present company excepted, are really as stupid as the media portrays them? I mean, I see the stuff on several papers, international and domestic. Do you really not see this mess we're in? And you can only blame other people for so long. At some point a responsible person stands up and said, "I MADE THIS!" We're broke. We're catering to dangerous people. We're talking about spending more! We're turning our back on people who've stood by us in dangerous times. I'm watching people get closer and closer to the brink and I suddenly realized that this is exactly what is intended. To break us until all that is necessary is to put on the boots and walk over us like last weeks garbage.

And if you aren't afraid yet, you should be. Along about here you should start saying your prayers. You're going to need all the God you can find.

Anyone read the Georgia Guidestones? You should. How about Revelations? Even better. 

Don't mind me. Just keep walking. And book mark this page. I want you to read it again... afterward. You know after what.

Did I mention that this week they told us that as of October our housing program will be broke. Yes, I said broke. Yes, it means exactly what you think it does. NO MORE MONEY. What that means it we have to find money. Have you seen any? No, didn't think so. Of course, we can pump billions into other countries to build homes.... We can spend billions to fly this president to all sorts of events in his campaign. What.. you didn't see this coming... with all the free stuff he gives away?  It isn't free either. We're paying the tab. An American is going to be homeless or jobless but God forbid that politicians should have to pay their own way.

All of this is why I stopped watching television news and rarely read the paper.

So,what happens when housing agencies run out of money? Well..... when a housing program runs out of money, if they can't come up with funding, they must send 30 day notices out to people and say, "We are sorry to inform you but in 30 days we will no longer be able to assist you in your housing needs due to funding shortfall." You don't get to pick who is dropped. It is a lottery system. Granny will have to pay her $500 a month rent on that $698 income. No, they haven't said we would be doing this. That's just how it is done... if someone doesn't turn over a rock and find some money... Seen any lying around?

I don't want people to know where I live if that happens.

On top of all this, personal events have me stressed beyond endurance and when that happens, I don't fare well emotionally, mentally, or intellectually. Hence this stupid post. I'm going to find a little white pill in a minute and see if I can shut down for several hours. I don't do that usually but I've just reached my limit, I think.

I keep asking what I'm doing in this hell hole and how I got here.  Only thing I can figure is I got on the wrong bus.


  1. I agree that citizens need to be paying attention and vote responsibly, or our country will be gone. I agree we are headed for destruction if we can't turn this around. 39 days. VOTE!!

  2. It is so frustrating really. I've been seeing these videos of voters asking basic questions they should know about the candidates. They are totally ignorant, and it is across class and racial lines. One is voting for Obama because he gives them "free" stuff? Another thought Ryan was Obama's running mate and that Romney is black! And I think there are more of those kinds of voters that there are educated ones.

    People that ignorant can't make an informed decision. And it is a CHOICE! They simply follow the herd without trying to see if there is a cliff ahead.