Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday Facts

People are always doing these Wednesday and Thursday thingys. I never do them. I don't have ten things interesting enough to me to pass on to someone else. If you do, you're fortunate. I do read them. Buried in the blog are some posts about eliminating certain days of the week and I think those two days are on the list. I'm still of the opinion that should happen. Maybe that's why I don't do them. That's be 104 post I'd have to hunt and eliminate.

Today, I'm introducing Friday Facts. No, this is not a new feature of my blog. It's just for today and if you miss it you're just out of luck.

1. The sky is gray. A nice compliment to my mood. . .which is black.

2. I should be glad it's Friday. I'm just relieved.

3. I have wonderful friends. They're all in other states.

4. A week's vacation sounds wonderful. Reality starts the following Monday. It bites.

5. I have no plans for the weekend because the people around me are so screwed up they can't decide what they're going to do. 

6. I would like to just get in my car and drive away without saying a word to anyone. Seriously.  

7.  I can't because I hate being alone but taking them with me would solve nothing. Leaving probably wouldn't either.

8.  I took photos of the Moonflower vine at 10 last night. I have no idea why. They smelled good and were pretty. 

9.  I almost sat on the porch behind the vine. The chairs had water in them. No, it was too much work.

10.  Somewhere the sun is shining, people are laughing, and joy fills the air. You got off the bus at the wrong stop.

11.  I'm tired, depressed, and stressed. But you got that, didn't you? 


  1. I have trouble with the "day things" too, and don't do them regularly, on a weekly basis - just now and then. Somewhere the sun is shining, people are laughing and joy fills the air. Can you climb back on the bus and ride to a different stop? When something is stealing my joy, I do my best to get rid of it, change it, or walk away from it. Life is too short to be joyless. I wish I could help.

  2. I really wish, so very much, I could catch a bus or plane or hitch a ride. The solution is not that simple anymore. Other people are involved and I'm caught in the middle. It will probably get worse before it gets remotely better.

  3. It started out gray and gloomy here but out came the sun. You have wonderful friends who are all in different states? I have wonderful friends who lived in my neighborhood and town but they moved away :( sadness..What do I do to people LOL. Seriously though really close friends are few and far between and seems sad to me a couple that I was pretty close to moved. One is in TX another in Georga .
    Sorry you are going through the tiredness and depression and stress. I hope, pray things do get better whatever the situations

  4. Only just got round to reading this so hopefully you are feeling a little more positive now. Big hugs from me to you.