Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Vacation Blues

I'm not sure what I thought a vacation would be like. I've had some rather nice getaways over the years and always enjoyed it. I'm not having any fun this time. I'm stuck in unbearable heat and find I do not want to do anything to work up a sweat. And there is much that needs doing. But then, that doesn't feel like a vacation.

So, I've messed around on the computer for days, spent time reading my book, and playing with Sarah. Sarah went home last night and is in day care today.

I was going to try and do some things in the yard but it is too crazy hot to bother with that. I need to tackle the study and get the wall finished and ceiling repaired. Then, paint it. But it is too much work to contemplate.

I'm not sure what is wrong with me. I have a complete and total lack of interest in anything at all. I would so love to sit outside but don't dare in this heat. You can't find a cool spot anywhere! I suppose I could try and go out under David's tree but it is a long way from the house. Although, I just stepped out there and it is probably several degrees cooler under that tree. I'm going to get several more trees this week and put in the yard. I need shade trees bad, both front and back. The porch is a heat sink so sitting there has not been much fun. But it looks nice. A tree for shade would fix it.  Of course, I may never reap the benefit of them. It has taken nearly 17 years for David's tree to become the shade it is.

Cassie posted her first challenge on the Asylum blog. I have been working on my response to the challenge for about three days and am nearly done. I think I'll post it for everyone to see. It will not be a story as far as I know, just a character work up. I will limit it to my contacts probably.

I'm off now to find something else to get me interested.

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