Saturday, May 7, 2011

Half Gone

It is Saturday night and I'm exhausted. I got a late start this morning, not arising until 9:30. I paid bills and sat around until nearly 1 when I picked up Mike and we went for a hotdog at Sonic. Then we went to buy groceries for him. We shopped again for tennis shoes or whatever they call them these days. I bought a pair for me. He found a pair but we had gone to Burlington to look at their selection (where I got mine). I was tied by the time we finished and we will have to go back. He went online and signed in at their site to get a coupon sent to him. That will save us a little bit and we can get them next week.

The roads are improving with several of the busiest thoroughfares now open. However, huge ponds of water still stand where they shouldn't. More rain will not help this.

Tomorrow is Mother's day. I do not anticipate any sort of celebration. Mike will go to church with me as usual. Dave is working. Becca says she and Sarah will go with us but we shall see. I don't know what else to say. I did feel sorry for Mike today. He saw some flowers and was looking at them a long time. He said, "If I had any money I'd buy those." Some things are so tragic that words do not covey how you feel.

I brought three pair of shoes this weekend. I probably wasted a good bit on the two pair of street shoes. One is a really lovely pair of low heels and the other are slip-ons with normal heel. The slip-ons I thought I could wear today instead of my usual shoes. I was too cool for sandals. Don't know why. I'm just cold-natured these days. Anyway, my feet were killing me when I walked at all. Sitting they were fine but walking was awful. So, I may have a problem wearing them as I got them to wear to work. I am frustrated because I can't seem to find any shoes anywhere anymore that don't hurt me. I simply can't walk because the shoes have no insole padding in them. And buying a bigger shoe will cause them to slid on my feet. I am wearing a pair of black house slippers now that are about all I can wear.

Ok, I'm tired and going to bed. I hope you all have a happy mother's day tomorrow.

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