Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Decorating and Other Woes

I was messing around with my page layout and design but I wasn't happy with the results and so gave it up after spending too much time on it. I used to spend hours learning CSS and I changed my page sometimes once a week. Now, not so much. I'm just not into it but I do get bored now and then. I saved the code for several of my pages and all I need do is past it in but I still like starting over.
I have been trying to read some. I'm reading the second and latest Richard Castle novel "Naked Heat." If you watch the t.v. show "Castle" you'll know what I'm talking about. If you don't, you won't.
To make it easier for you... The novels are written by a fictional character, Richard Castle, on a fictional ABC t.v. show called Castle. The show is about this fictional writer who shadows a detective as research for his detective novels which are about a fictional female detective and the writer who shadows her on her job. On the show, the character talks about his novels and when they are going to be available. And all the fans, me included, rush out to buy them. It is the ultimate fictional novel! And they are actually good.

The writer, Richard Castle, is played by actor
Nathan Fillion. He also played on the sci-fi show, "Firefly" and it's spin-off movie, "Serenity". He is not fictional. He's real.

I could watch him sell soap. He could sell me soap. . . who am I kidding, he could sell me just about anything.

I'm thinking about going to Bowling Green with my sister and visiting Mammoth cave again or at least the area. She's never been and my last experience was not fun. She is off Friday and Saturday so we'd do it then. Nina, how far are you from Bowling Green?
So, now I'm off to bed, late again. But, tomorrow is Wednesday and only two days until I'm off for about 10 days.

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