Saturday, May 21, 2011

The End is Not Yet

We all know the world is supposed to end today. Day isn't over but millions woke today to find themselves still here.

I was going to post this as a comment on someone's blog but realized I'd gone over board. I don't usually preach on my blog. I try to live my faith and show you how I do that by my posts. I hope I am successful. But this is one instance I'm disgusted and will give my sermon.

It is guys like the Reverend (I use the term loosely) Camping that are the reason Christians have to take a lot of flack. He's caused someone somewhere to lose their faith. He's caused fear in others for no good reason. He's made a laughingstock of believers. He has brought shame on the Word of God. Fortunately, none of those are an unforgivable sin!

Let's say someone out there was afraid he was right and knew they were not ready to meet God. Do you believe for one minute that today that person will be rushing out to find the nearest church after the obvious fake prophecy? I don't think so. They are immensely relieved he was wrong and furious that he frightened them for nothing. How stupid to use the Bible and its teachings so carelessly and foolishly.

No one can predict when God is going to call your name. Even Jesus said this in the very book this so called minister of the Gospel says he's got his information. He basically called Jesus Christ a liar and stated that he knew more than even Jesus. But he professes to be a follower!

Bottom line, God is going to come for everyone of us at some point in time. We will ALL die because it is in our nature to die. For the believer, we believe the Bible says that our current bodies can't enter heaven! Even those "caught up" in the Rapture will not be able to take their current bodies. They will be changed. Death of the body is the change, folks. So if you thought you were going to miss that, you're wrong. I may die today. You may, also. Life is filled with last moments. If that happens, we'll meet God right then. He may come back in the moment in a twinkling of an eye for millions at a time. We will meet Him right then. He called the names of thousands on 9/11. Believe me, they were not expecting it. No one was. That is the message the Bible gives to all. "For in such an hour as you think not. . ."

Regardless of how He takes you or when He takes you, you must be prepared to stand blameless before him. This too is the message that reasonable Christians believe and that the Bible teaches. We are not perfect and can't hope to be perfect before a sovereign God. The life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, in our faith, was the atonement for imperfect lives. It covers our imperfections so we can stand. If you don't believe, that doesn't change it. For us it is fact. If you do believe it and refuse to obey it, it still doesn't change it.

The end comes for everyone at some point. I can't tell you when. I can only tell you that I firmly believe there is an end, that there is life after you leave this place, and that we are accountable for the choices we make. We're going to be asked about those in detail.

Mama always said that you should live as if today is your last day on earth but plan as if you will live to be 100. It is advice I've struggled to follow. It isn't easy. But I hope that when my name is called that He finds no fault in me. And frankly, I don't need the Reverend Campings of the world to tell me when that time is coming. I'm not deaf and I'm listening for the call.

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