Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Day Drags Along

I'm halfway through the day and about to take my lunch break. When my co-worker is absent I tend to go later. Makes the day pass much faster. I'm leaving to pick up Mike and then go to lunch. I promised him that I'd take him today.

I worked on the  sweater a bit last night but got so tired I simply had to go to bed. I'm still tired. I think it is the weather. It is still rather gloomy and cool, only 56 degrees today and it was cold last night. I had removed my electric blanket over the weekend and when I got home I regretted it. I got some blankets and put on top of my spread and that was plenty. If all else fails I can turn the electric throw on and it will warm me up.

I have some writing to do at some point but I'm not really inclined, I think. I simply want a quiet place to relax and warm up in the sun. It seems my vacation may be a nice wash out too if the forecast are accurate. Looks as if the weather systems are still going to bring wet, gloomy weather through the next week. So, I'm not taking my vacation early. I have no intention of sitting inside watching the storms if I can possibly avoid it. I've been doing that all winter.

Honestly the who vacation idea has sort of fallen apart. I don't actually have the money to go anywhere I'd like to go and it isn't really any fun at all going alone to some place strange.

I've said all this before. I'm boring.

Ok, enough. I'm hungry and I can go eat. I just heard the boss say he was sleepy! So it isn't just me.

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