Thursday, May 5, 2011


I have been a bit busy. Went back to work yesterday. I do have something to post regarding my day Tuesday but have not had time to do it. I was tired last night and simply sat down and watched my shows on Hulu.

Today it feels like something is waiting to pounce. I hate that feeling. I have no defenses against it except pray for the day to go well and that no harm fall on those I love. If you've read the blog much you know I get these things now and then, with no good effect. I've begun making a habit of noting when I get these feelings. I have to have a reference point and I have to pay attention. If it is just beans I'd like to know. And I'd not mind it at all. We can all have a laugh. But if it is something else, I kind of want to know how to address it.

All right, off to work now. Hope you all have a good day. The weekend is nearing for some of you. Still a day away for me.

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