Thursday, March 31, 2011

Nearly There!

It is Thursday and I, for one am thrilled. The week is nearly over and I will be able to put work behind me for at least two days. The weather is terrible. Gray and gloomy and cold. Yuck. Pain is manageable but it is pain. Took benadryl again last night but I'm still having motion issues.

I have a doctor appointment this morning and they are supposed to draw blood. I usually go a week before the appointment but have not had transportation to the lab. I have to do a fasting test and that means going to the lab as early as possible, say 7:30. I can't go much beyond 10 without eating or at least drinking orange juice. So, to day, I will do the lab work while there, either after the appointment or if I arrive early enough, before.

I have writer's meeting tonight. It was supposed to be my night but with all that is going on, I'm not prepared. I hate that. But Cassie switched with me so it will be fine. I have until the middle of April to get my act together.

I got her submission yesterday and read it last night. It is a short story she submitted in her Violence in Fiction class. I must say it was really well written. Cassie is only about 22 and in college so her writing tends to be geared to that age and the behaviors are fairly common among her set. Lots of drinking, drugs, and stupidity but she writes well and it was a different slant on a not unusual situation. Best friends move to big city, they party and drink a lot, one gets pregnant by party boy and begs her friend to do something to cause her to miscarry (she calls it an "MC") because she can't afford an abortion or an "A" as she calls it.

So, we'll see how the rest of the group likes it. I am guessing they will like it fine. Her writing is, as I said good.

Must get my gear together and be ready when my ride gets here. I'll be back later if time permits. Meeting begins at 6:30.

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