Thursday, March 10, 2011

Writers' Asylum Meeting 03/10/11

As usual it was fun to meet with my group. There is always a lot of laughing. I was glad for all who turned out on such a cold night. They arrived in pairs - Doug & Melina, Cassie & Loraine - all driving their own cars. I told them it felt like the ark. Loraine admitted to wearing long johns and I don't blame her a bit.It was freezing outside. I did pump the heat up so we could stay warm. Doug brought his famous salsa and chips. Loraine brought cookies to die for. I provided water, chips, fig newtons and grapes. Was there something else?

Doug was up. We had a good time critiquing the short story he is working on. Everyone had input on it. The overall consensus seems to be that we like it. It is shaping up to be a good story.

Melina read a short piece she wants to develop in which the character is delusional. We were able to give her some, we hope, useful feedback on it.

Cassie shared her phobias of creepy crawlies and other things. She was in rare form. She suggested some interesting movies and books for both Melina and Doug to read about crazy people, well, disturbed people anyway. She will be presenting us with her 25 page story that she did for a class. It will be coming early because of the length.

Alas, Kathy could not join us. She emailed to say she would be away.

The next meetings are as follows:
March 31. It will be my turn in the box. Everyone get your forks out.
April 14. Cassie is up
April 28 Melina is up.

We'll talk about the Spring rotation at the next meeting.

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