Thursday, March 10, 2011

Busy Day at Home

I took today and tomorrow off to try and get the last of my car business sorted out. The rental goes back to day and I'm going to be stranded. I have a way to work but other than that, it is Pat and Bob (right and left leg) unless someone is available to haul me.

My sister will but she works insane hours so it won't be easy. David will I think but again, availability is in question. He wasn't this morning when I wanted him to go to the dealer with me. I don't guess it matters. I just didn't want to go alone.

Jerry helped me with all this stuff last time, getting a car and sorting it out. Actually, he just lent me moral support and I could talk to him about the car, the money, the paperwork. I think I just needed someone with me to be that moral support. But I went alone. And it was very hard. The man who helped me was nice but I really needed Jerry there to ask questions. I almost cancelled the Gap coverage before I got it across to the man that I wanted them to pay. I told him to tell the guy who sold me my car to get in touch with me. Hopefully, he'll be as helpful this time as he was before.

I have a writer's meeting tonight. I'm looking forward to that. I have not taken that extra BP since Monday and I felt much better Tuesday and Wednesday night. I did have to take the Ativan last night and my neck is better today. I also took Tylenol to address any back pain that was causing the neck pain. So.. I'm drugged up! Not. I fell fine actually. A bit down but I the trip to the car dealer caused that... and the fact that I won't have wheels. That's frightening to me...never thought it would be. I can walk perfectly fine and I could walk the three blocks to the bus stop if all else fails. But I can't haul parcels home with my back and neck problems. Oh, never mind. I'm whinning.

I've just had bread and jam for lunch. Yes. I did. Seems these days I don't have much appetite. I come home and get nearly sick before I eat and then only because I have to to stop being sick. I don't want food. Lunch is the only real meal I eat and I'd skip that if I didn't get ill. I realized a few weeks ago that I was very much like that when I was younger and first married. I at a sandwich at lunch and cooked for Jerry when he got home. We at supper together, a small supper for a small budget. Then when the children came, I had to fix three meals a day and we were eating a bit more because the budget got better. After the kids all left we did what we wanted and we'd eat out. Now, I've come full circle but there is no Jerry to cook for at night. I eat lunch to avoid cooking at night. I have very little "meal" stuff in the house. Cans, jars of sauce, some meat in the fridge, ceral, rice, and mac 'n' cheese is all there is. I keep bread and sandwich fixin's.

If I can keep my head this clear, I might be able to write for my next critique. I simply got witless on this medicine! It was about the most horrible I've ever felt.

I'm learning some new crochet stitches. I quite like doing the videos. But they are quite unprofessional. I know. I've seen the good ones. But they are such fun. And I flub so much when I'm telling stuff. LOL, but doing crochet is just a lot of fun. I can't believe I go too busy to do it for so long. And there are such beautiful things to make. Like Jilly, I want them all.

If you are following the videos and links, keep practicing. It is well worth it. Once you master the basic chain the other stitches are easier to learn. And some of the unique stitches are very beautiful.

I've nothing to add now. I'm on my third cup of coffee. That can't be good but I don't care. I'm home and I'm happy at home, as happy as I'm every likely to be. I just wish someone would roll back the clouds and give us four sunny days!

Oh... I am going to get a refund on my warranty that will cover my deductible. GAP should pick up the rest but the man at the dealer's told me they tend to take 4-8 weeks to pay. Figures. There will be a minimum 5 day hold on the check unless the bank can clear it sooner. They will try. So, I'm looking at about two the weeks just to get the basic cleared. If the difference in my insurance and my deductible is less than $100 I'm not waiting for that darn gap. I have to buy a car. They can pay me back.

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