Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Slow Row Up River

The week passes like the rows of trees on the river bank as I row my small boat along. Today is Tuesday. I had an enormously busy Saturday with a very painful Sunday. But some positive things got done. Monday dawned bright and the day actually was nice. I got a lovely antique desk, in need of some TLC, for the den that will be perfect for my new sewing machine and even my laptop works well on it. I'm charmed by it and can't wait to sit down and get to work.

I did have a bit of a melt down last night. I'm still tired today because I sat up too late. I must go to bed earlier tonight. I say this frequently. I feel like sleeping is such a waste of valuable time. I've always felt this but as I have aged, my body tends to disagree with me, in various ways, and to punish me if I ignore the demands. So, I have to sleep more. Besides, when I don't get enough, I get even less done.

I've had hiccups off and on all day and it is quite annoying.

I've been listening to a set of cds Becca gave me by a fella called Lou Tice of the Pacific Institute. Motivational speaker. He has some good ideas. Not new but good. He's on YouTube. As a result of listening to these cds I started to do a couple of the things he suggest. One is positive affirmations. I've practiced this in the past with surprising results. Before you go to sleep every night, say these positive affirmations to yourself. For example, tomorrow will be a good day, I will accomplish .... (you add what you want here).  As I said, I've done this in the past. Can't hurt. Actually, I've had several rather calm days and I think it is because of that. So, I'll keep trying it.

Doug made his first post to the Asylum blog. I have to say I am impressed. Doug doesn't really know it yet, I think, but he's got a knack for this. He is probably the leader of the group but we've just never elected him as such. Anyway, drop over and read it.The Writers' Asylum I suspect the Asylum will be doing something different for a bit. I hope the group will want  to try his suggestion.

I've been working on some old videos I found from a couple of years ago. I never posted them and am really doing it so Becca can download them. They are just too precious for words and it was such a great joy watching them. My aunt and uncle will be tickled as well. Everyone seems to love watching Sarah. I realized recently, she's growing up on this blog. That's kind of nice. I'm happy I have so many of these videos of her. I don't have that with my children. And I think she will be glad she has these someday.

I'm off now to try and post the videos I finished. 

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