Sunday, June 26, 2011

Raging Rain, Raging Pain

I woke sometime in the middle of the night. Since it was midnight before I went to bed it must have been in the wee hours of the morning. I'd guess around 3 or 4 a.m. It was deafening. The thunder sounded as if it was in the room with us and the rain was torrential. And I was in agony. My hands, feet, knees and hip were all screaming nearly as loud as the storm. I rolled out of bed and could barely stand but I managed to stagger down the hall to check things out. After I found everything secure, I went back to bed. I think I took some generic Tylenol but I'm not sure. I can't remember hurting so bad in a while.

On Saturday I woke with pain as well but it passed off after the first storm rolled by. Waking up in the midst of that deluge this morning reinforced my feelings that the weather here is a huge factor in my pain levels. My hands, particularly my left is still very painful. The sky is heavily overcast. My feet are better and so are my knees and hip. I have to tell you, I'm not looking forward to another storm like last night. I have no fear of storms, would even walk in the middle of one with great pleasure. Not this morning.

We did not get up to go to church because I overslept. Well, midnight to bed and awake before dawn and the pain all insured I was not able to get up. I'd have gone anyway but for the pain.

I've added another blog to my blogger account! I know! Crazy. Actually, I realized I'm putting a lot of sewing stuff up here and organizer than I am, I like having it a bit more structured. So, while I'll still post it here, there is a blog on blogger now devoted to my sewing and craft stuff. You know, the stuff I haven't done yet but am going to do.

Actually, the sewing is slow but I am enjoying it again. I had such fun with Sarah's Alligator skirt ( It came out so cute. I have several other items to make for her and I'm getting pretty good with keeping the video's at 15 minutes or less by cutting out a lot of needless stuff. I've learned to make slideshows, too! I still get annoyed with the Movie Maker program. It hangs up now and then and won't publish. I can promise you that no one would keep trying but me. There are two versions of Movie Maker. One is a Windows version and the other is a Windows Live version. I don't know why. The Live version is fine but harder to trim the videos. The Windows version works best for the trimming phase but I can't then transfer them to Live. Downloaded videos are in a Quicktime format and only the Live version will open them! So you can see it is a bit of juggling to get what I want. I'm getting better.

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