Thursday, June 30, 2011

Nearly There.........

We close the office tomorrow at 11 and go to the company picnic. Not something I'm terribly excited about. Why not just give me the afternoon off? I don't even like most of these people. Why do they presume I want to play volleyball or swim with them or even sit and talk to them? Why do company force socialization on people who do not have anything in common but their job? Particularly in this company! I'm not saying that I'm not "friendly" with the employees but lets face it, I'm not interested in the lottery, sports, gambling on the boat, bars, clubs, etc. You get my drift.

So, every year they spend a lot of money getting a clubhouse at a local park where the is swimming... with lots of other people I do not know. Last year I took a deck of cards and Carolyn and I played Uno. A few others drifted over and joined us. Carolyn shares my feelings about these things.

I guess we are just no friendly. But maybe that isn't true. Our senior aide will be leaving tomorrow. She told us today that she could always count on a laugh coming from either Carolyn's office or mine. That is nice. She called us Mutt & Jeff. I laughed and told her I'd not heard that in many years. Mutt & Jeff was a comic strip in the "funnies" for a long time. Two guys, one very tall and the other very short. Carolyn is tall and I'm average. But I guess we are funny. Other staff do laugh at us a lot. Still, for someone who's only known us a year to say that is flattering.

Anyway, I'll probably, I hope, be able to slip away around 3 p.m.

Tonight was the writer's meeting. We have four there. Two others were away. I've written up the meeting on the The Writers' Asylum blog for those who are interested.

I'm headed for bed very soon. I got a relatively good sleep last night but woke at 6 a.m. That is an ungodly hour but I have to get up early tomorrow. Dave's brakes went out on his car. He has to have a way to work. So, he'll take me, got himself and I'll pick up my car before I leave for the picnic or after I get back. He works 9-6 and I work 8-5 So it is a juggling act.

I'm headed for bed and the weekend. A 3-day weekend! Yipee.

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