Thursday, June 2, 2011

Another Day Ending

I got up late today, 9:30. I felt horrible. Not only do I have some serious aches, my allergies are in full attack mode. I have a scratchy throat, runny, stuffy nose, and itchy eyes. I got up and got sorted out a bit and then began cutting out the clothes for Sarah. I've been doing videos of it and will see how that works. Better than the crochet ones I hope.

Anyway, I've gotten all but the last pair of shorts and skirt cut. I'm getting ready to do that now. I've got to swap tables between the kitchen and dinning room. The one in the kitchen is bar height and that will relieve the pressure on my back and neck I think. I have to take a break each time I've moved to the next fabric because my back is not happy with the angle I have to bend.

However, I'm confident that I can have these run up in two days at the most. They are simple and no frills. I'll tackle the dresses after these are done. I also will be making her a long lavender skirt out of that remanent I bought. It is absolutely a love fabric and it will be a dress skirt. No pattern needed for that one. Just cut it the right length, run up a seam and run the elastic. I'm going to try and make a hair bow to match it. Haven't done that for her but I have some ideas on it.

I truly love working with fabrics. I had forgotten how much. I've been sewing since I was 11. My aunt called and we were talking about how her mother had taught us to sew. Mama was a whiz at needle work. She could make her own patterns and did. I always was the best dressed child in school. And by the time I could stand up to the machine, I hung over it watching her sew. I probably learned most of what I know by simply watching her do it. I had already made myself clothes by the time I reached high school and had to take home economics. My teacher asked me where I'd learned and I told her. I was so bored making that stupid apron! I knew how to make actual dresses and here I was making an apron. I never wore the thing. It was hideous. Like a sleeveless dress dress that opened down the back and had a button at the neck.

I'm hoping that the sewing goes as easily. My neck and back are just such a mess and such work often leads to a lot of pain in those areas. I have to be very careful with the crochet as well.

Ok, break is over. Must finish this last set and then get ready to set up the machine. I might just get busy tonight!

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