Monday, June 20, 2011

My Bed is Calling

I'm just on my way to bed but stopped in to catch up on blogs and comments. I worked on Sarah's green skort set. I've been busy with the house since I got over my cold and I simply have not had time to touch the machine, nor inclination if you consider how tired I've been.

Anyway, I hope to finish them up tomorrow night. Then, it will be another round of cutting out I hope by the weekend. I will cut out as much as I can and leave it in a nice neat stack ready to sit and sew together. One day of cutting usually can result in a month of items to sew.

I've discovered I must get a very good chair. I'm using a lawn chair... not the folding kind. The plastic kind that actually look like chairs and they sit pretty good, too. But not for sewing or computer work. Once I get the study emptied and ready to sand, I'll bring the desk chair in here.

There is so much to do and I have so little functional time to do it in. And sometimes recovering from what I do takes longer than the project takes. That sanding job is no fun. And cleaning it up, well, that is a terrible mess. If I don't do it correctly, it will be all over the house.

Ok, I've put it off enough. I have to go to bed. It is now scream at me and it is quite difficult to ignore.

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