Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sarah Said...

A couple of weeks ago Sarah met a new friend who lives downstairs from her. The little girl is not quite a year younger and Sarah was very excited to meet her. Well, except for the language barrier. You see when they met, the little girl was pretending to be a frog and every time Sarah tried to talk to her she would say "Ribbit!"

Finally, Sarah, being a practical girl like her Mawmaw, looked at her, waved her hand and said, "I don't speak frog."


Last Monday after work I joined Sarah and her parents at the zoo. It was a members only event where all the stuff that usually cost was free for two hours. Our zoo is a 4 hour trip but that's another story. As our time was running out we headed over to the bumper boats. These are in what used to be the monkey exhibit. It is a "Pirate Ship" in the middle of a pool of water. When we came to Evansville it had monkeys on the boat and alligators in the water. Today, it is an empty ship with three bumper boats in the water.

Sarah was so excited and getting tired. The line was long and as we were at the end, she kept telling her daddy she didn't want to wait. We told her she had to wait or we had to leave. The next minute she decided she wanted to get in the pool and play in the water. We told her she couldn't do that either. This went back and fourth for about 20 minutes with her father giving her all the reasons she couldn't get in the pool. Finally, she said, "Daddy, can you push me in and say it was an accident?

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