Thursday, April 21, 2011

Tis Thursday!

Eight hours between me and a long weekend! I am so thankful.

I went to bed before midnight last night. Is that not astounding? In fact, I think I was in bed before 11:30. At any rate, this morning is the first in ages that I have not had to get up and feel as if I were still in the middle of a deep sleep. I was sleepy but not as much as usual. I hope today will productive and wakeful.

I must get to bed before 10. That is the goal to shoot for. I think it was the summer after Jerry died when I was doing that and I was not having nearly the pain problems I've had since. Could have been last summer but I don't think so. I can't actually separate those two years ... odd. I mean, they seem to be blended when I try and think "did I do that in 09 or 10".

Sun is shinning but 43 is not warm. I'm o.k. with it. It is still too early for 80 degree weather. I don't think it is good for plants and animals either. But it would be lovely to have a nice 68 degree weekend... without rain. I want to dye eggs with Sarah and hunt eggs. I want to look for a car and dry weather is better for that.

I didn't crochet last night. I watched television shows on HULU. I actually cooked food. Had black-eyed peas!

Oh... got to run. Time to leave for work.

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